SP, Indira Mukherjee from Jhargram, West Bengal saves bulls from Mafia

by Team Conscious Carma

An act of bravery by the Superintendent of Police Indira Mukherjee posted at Jhargram, West Bengal. Her prompt action led to the recovery of bulls from armed goons early morning today.

A truck carrying 13 bulls to Dhyan Foundation Chakulia gaushala, Jharkhand was stopped and looted by armed goons in Jambani PS Limits, West Bengal.

dhyan foundation bulls

These bulls were earlier rescued from the cattle mafia by the Border Security Force at Indo Bangladesh border and handed over to Dhyan Foundation Kishanganj Gaushala for subsequent care. As the gaushala exceeded its keeping capacity, the bulls were being shifted to the NGOs Chakulia Gaushala, which is also the country’s largest Nandi Shala housing over 7000 rescued bulls and cows.

Enroute, the truck driver took a wrong turn and stopped to ask way at Podihati Village. In no time, the locals armed with weapons surrounded the truck, threatened the drivers and took away the cattle.

The drivers somehow managed to escape and enter Jharkhand and complained at Chakulia police station. Jhargram SP, Indira Mukherjee was prompt in action and very soon all the bulls were recovered. They are now safe at the gaushala.

The region is notorious for the activities of the cattle mafia. As per sources, many cattle are hoarded in the local masjid. A similar raid is required to rescue those cattle as well.

Address of masjid 

Parihati masjid, Bakhura district, Jamboni ps limits

About Dhyan Foundation: 

Dhyan Foundation is a spiritual and charitable body of volunteers and sadhaks registered formally as a trust in the year 2002. They teach advanced yogic techniques, mantras and meditation. As a precursor to these practices, Karmic Cleansing is essential. Hence the volunteers devote their time and effort for the service of humans, animals and the environment.

Thousands of people are fed daily through their country-wide food distribution camps. The Foundation run ‘Anand Vidyalayas’ to impart free education to underprivileged children and provide vocational training to empower women. Their work in animal welfare may be summed up as below,

35 plus shelters housing over 40,000 rescued animals including cows, bulls, buffaloes, camels, donkeys, cats, dogs, peacocks, goats, sheep and more. They have gaushalas in nearly every state of India – no milking cows, just bulls and old and infirm cows, all saved from cattle mafia and butchers

Feeding more than 50000 plus stray and wild animals including dogs, cows, monkeys, langurs, birds, squirrels and more through 500 plus feeding points across the country. 24-hour animal emergency helpline and 10 ambulances running round the clock in 6 cities, their efficiency can be judged from the fact that even the MCD directs rescue calls to us.

Treatment of sick and injured animals including plastic removal surgeries, prosthetic limb replacements, vaccination drives, massage and physiotherapy and recovery under the personal care and attention of volunteers.

Emergency relief programs for calamity struck cattle. Some examples include Chitradurg (Karnataka, 2019), Rewa (Madhya Pradesh, 2018), Kollegal (Karnataka, 2017), Mahoba (Uttar Pradesh, 2017), Latur (Maharashtra, 2016), Dausa (Rajasthan, 2016 & 2017), Hingonia (Rajasthan, 2016)

Animal Awareness Programs in schools, colleges, institutions and MNCs. Reflective Neck Belt distribution to prevent stray accidents on roads. They produce and promote products made from cattle wastes to make the gaushalas self-sustainable under the banner of ‘Nandi Products’.

Since November 2018, they are working shoulder to shoulder with the border security force of India to rehabilitate the cattle rescued by BSF at the Indo Bangladesh border and have successfully transported and rehabilitated nearly 50,000 such cattle to date. According to the BSF, they are the ONLY organization that is working for this cause.

Dhyan Foundation is a recognized Animal Welfare Organisation registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India ((ND054/2019)). We are a member of the State (Delhi) Advisory Board for Animal Welfare and of the Goa Animal Welfare Board. We were awarded the 2021 Animal Welfare Protection Award (Jeev Daya) by Minister of Animal Husbandry India and AWBI chairperson; 2019 Goa State Leadership Award for Best NGO; 2018 Jenanne Marchig Animal Welfare Award by the Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisation and the 2017 ICAR award for contribution towards local cattle germplasm.

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