A worthy CSR initiative by Shangri-la Hotel’s in Thailand

by Team Conscious Carma

The World is battling from the pollution from stubble burning. Shangrila Hotel has joined hands with Thailand’s Warm Heart Foundation for their “Stop the Smoke Project”. This is a part of their CSR initiative.

Northern Thailand contributes to global warming through the unhealthy smoke released by agricultural burning. As a result, this problem has a huge impact on the local economy. Consequently, tourism drops off here during the infamous Chiang Mai smoky season. Shangri-la is Partnering with Warm Heart, in funding a biochar the operation to help reduce the smoke.

person teaching how to make biochar products to people

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility project or CSR initiative, Shangri-la buys all of the biochar the farmers are able to make. This provides the incentive for farmers to join the project and make biochar. This puts more money in the farmer’s pocket, helping the local economy.

Shangri-la uses a little of the biochar to maintain their own property. The rest of the biochar is donated to local non-profit farming communities to help rebuild soils. This enables them to grow fantastic produce. Again, this helps the local economy by providing more jobs and profits.

The farmers sell the rest of the abundant produce locally. This helps increase local food security with high-quality food for the community.

Shangri-la can not stop all the smoke alone. As a result, they proved that the right Corporate Social Responsibility commitment can have a huge impact on the whole community. In conclusion, we need more local corporations to step up and follow Shangri-la’s example. This should result until we have enough sponsors to work with farmers to help Stop the Smoke, forever. Moreover, The health of the community and the environment will be the ultimate winners.

About Warm Heart Worldwide

Warm Heart is a non-profit organization. It is run by a group of committed people who want to bring positive change to the poor community of Phrao. Warm Heart founders Michael Shafer and Evelind Schecter come from a life dedicated to helping others. They have recognized the problems here in Thailand. This resulted in a vision to improve the lives of the children and people of Phrao.

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Source : warmheartworldwide.org

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