Viveda Wellness Village

by Team Conscious Carma

A writer is always looking for that catchy start, especially when they have decided to give life to their piece and if the place or people, they are writing about have touched their souls in a manner so profound. I was pondering over the thought for days to find that right synchrony, the start…. The storyline for this feature. Here you go…

“Viveda, is a fully Sustainable wellness village plattering traditional healing therapies, imbibed from ancient Ayurveda and combines Yoga for physical well-being in a serene and Green Campus”. -By Freeda Maria, Consulting Editor, Sustainable Tourism.

Our ancient vedic scriptures of Bharat, elucidate the importance of keeping good health through maintaining fitness, “Sharir Madhyam Khalu Dharma Sadhanam” suggesting that the body is a means of achieving the great objectives of a meaningful life, (chaturvidha purushartha).

Viveda’s treatment on healing and wellness philosophy is based on the five elements of nature (Pancha Mahaboothas) comprising Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Space. The philosophy integrates traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy with wellness, fitness and healthy organic cuisine to restore balance and harmony in one’s life.

On my visit and stay at Viveda, and my memorable conversation with Kiran Chavan, The Chairman of Viveda Wellness Village, with his rapt attention to every detail, wearing his passion on his sleeves, fervent and articulate, registered that “Ancient science of health and wellness bestowed by the seer and sages of our country for the welfare of humanity has been epitomized in all its essence at our Viveda”. He goes on to add that, “…health and wellness is a basic human need and contributes to quality of human life experience.”

The place shot to lot of fame when the covid struck, people of Nasik and the surrounding caught in the crowds of the city life, and series of lockdowns and uncertainties, resorted to quiet corners like Viveda (

A tranquil nature-based settlement, where the perching of birds, the sounds of the ripples in the water, the chanting in the voices of the air is your companion. Healing begins with silence, and here it befalls and engulfs one in totality. One could take up holistic healing and stay in the 7.5 acres on pristine land in one of the thirty- one handcrafted stone cottages with a wellness centre and 18 treatment rooms.

Viveda with its many facilities was concertedly planned and put together. It begins with the vast expanse, the community, the enclosure. Swaying in the winds that blow past the Sahyadris, from the highlands of Anjaneri, Lord Humanji’s birthplace, is a blessing of sorts for our Trees and shrubs that abound every nook and corner of Viveda. All that one needs is a book, from our Book place (The Library), to sit and indulge in the pages and reflect. An option to lounge by the lake (The Lakeside Deck) is a no miss, or a relaxed walk for a stroll on our walking track.. it’s all therapeutic!

All the pampering that the body needs is taken care of in the Spa. There are various packages and programmes to choose from, personalised to suit every ‘body’ type. The day is not complete at Viveda without an evening by the bonfire, almost always the sky draws a curtain with millions of stars! There is action almost always at the Amphitheatre too.

The most notable feature of Viveda, and like the saying goes, people make places and places come alive with people… Daniel, is as much part of Viveda as the concrete and walls, the tiles and roofs, the trees and shrubs… he binds them all together, with his undaunting passion. The General Manager of the wellness village is a simpleton, who lives and breathes the very ethos of the place, “Wellness is not a luxury it is a necessity, he exclaims, “nature is the healer and sustaining it is vital. Learning to live in appreciation of nature and its resources is giving back, it automatically will restore health”.


These minimally designed cottages feature walk-in closets, perfectly appointed bathrooms and small garden area that are ideal for a private meal.


We serve nutrient-dense vegetarian satvik dishes with organic and unprocessed ingredients sourced from local farmers, fresh to the table.


Get reminded of the erstwhile royal pools, handcrafted with stones, open to the sky and with secret compartments.

“Viveda in a very short span has seen repeat visitors, and I am not surprised”, marks Tejas Chavan, Director, Viveda Wellness Village. “Our aim was to bring a holistic mind and body practice, an integral science of life dealing with physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We aspire to deliver, with all our hearts, a perfect package of goodness and health, parcelled and curated to take us back to our roots, where everything came free, with fresh air and unadulterated soil”. – Come Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate

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