Why Reusable Water Bottles are Good for the Environment

by Team Conscious Carma

Rohit Sahni, Co-founder, WK Life

Do you remember those times when it was completely safe to drink water from direct water supply?  But now it’s a big no. Reason being, water pollution has become a major concern and people have shifted to portable water bottles so that they can drink safe and toxin-free water when they step out of their homes. Due to this, the usage of plastic bottles has almost tripled in the last 50 years, thereby causing a serious threat to us and our planet. The numerous plastic bottles have found their way in our water bodies including rivers, oceans and streams, making the source of our drinking water contaminated. A lot has already been said and written about how single-use plastic bottles can create a tremendous havoc in our environment right from its production to disposal.

It’s high time that we should shift our preference and opt for eco-friendly reusable water bottles. Besides contributing towards our environment, these water bottles are apt for your health, cost-effective, easy to carry and safe to use.

Here are some more reasons why you should switch to reusable water bottles:

Plastic waste can be reduced exponentially

Plastic waste generally takes almost 1000 years to degrade, making it somewhere impossible to biodegrade. If we start using reusable water bottles, we will not only decrease the plastic waste, its production but also the pollution.

Usage of oil in production can be reduced

Since oil is a non-renewable source of energy, switching to reusable water bottles is a sustainable choice. Single-use plastic bottles need more oil for production as compared to reusable water bottles. By choosing reusable water bottles, you can make eco-friendly changes right in the production stage.

Have numerous health benefits

You can have several health implications if you are using plastic water bottles. When the plastic water bottles come in contact with heat, they start leaking harmful chemical toxins including BPA, which in turn can lead to several health issues like asthma, reproductive issues and even cancer. Reusable water bottles are safe for the consumption of water. They don’t add any extra chemicals to your drinking water.

Prevent microplastic

Microplastics are the debris of small plastic pieces that are less than five millimeters and can be harmful to ocean and aquatic lives. Reports have suggested that plastic waste can kill 1.1 million marine creatures annually as they consume the microplastic mistaking it for food. Therefore, when reusable water bottles are used in more quantities, they not only save animals but also the planet.

An easy solution

While keeping you hydrated and healthy, reusable water bottles can save you money. By buying one reusable bottle, one can get back its value within one week of its use. One can get many choices in almost any retail store. You can find reusable neoprene, glass or stainless-steel bottles easily online or at the campus bookstore.

It’s always good to be the change. Switching to reusable water bottles gives a strong message not only for your health but also for the environment. Making eco-friendly and sustainable choices is the need of the hour to contribute something for our mother planet.

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