Fishtanks and Cages – A survival necessity or a helplessly locked environment

by Team Conscious Carma

by Hussain Jariwala

While all enclosures seem cruel and might not be appealing to many who like the idea of setting their pets free, one tends to forget that pets do need utmost care as well. Those pets which are homebred have never learnt how to survive out in the wild. Once, our lovebird flew away from its cage, and it was happy on its narrow escape from being inside its caged home. But what happened a few minutes later left us in tears, a crow came flying and attacked the baby lovebird and happily flew off with it as it caught its prey. That was the day we realised, that we are saving their lives and giving them all the shelter, care and food and other necessary comfortable items and keeping them safe under our care. 

When the lockdown commenced, and the situation was tense, our fishtanks kept our sanity alive. It brought us mental peace, positivity, and helped us destress and find a companion within. How beautiful is this enclosure, how could it be possibly considered as cruel? We kept our fishes well fed, their enclosures well maintained, ensured a good amount of light, heat, filter, and oxygen settings, and so on. What’s best, fishtank keeping became a nice hobby for many enthusiasts during the lockdown. It is great fun to build your own fishtank and add a beautiful corner to your home. For patients who have diabetes and high blood pressure, keeping a fishtank is of great benefit. 

Keeping these fishes and birds is like taking care of your own baby, and a responsibility indeed. With proper care and maintenance, it should not be a problem at all, and you will not find it cruel anymore to keep them enclosed, once you see them bloom in their environment created. The fishes and birds in the wild do not get proper resources of food and need to struggle to feed themselves and take care of themselves. Also, there is a risk of predators who are lurking for any opportunity to grab a feast for themselves. 


Fishes are extremely lucky and beneficial to keep. There is a lot of health and spiritual benefits for the same. To name some, Goldfishes if kept in odd numbers with one black goldfish, is considered to bring luck and prosperity and grows the love between a couple. Also, another lucky fish is an Arowana, also known as Dragon Fish, which brings a lot of luck and prosperity and absorbs negative vibes from your environment. Our personal favourite Feng Shui fish is a Flowerhorn. This fish has a hump on its head, wherein the hump keeps on growing with the growth of the fish, and it is said that the bigger the hump on the head, there will be more prosperity in the life of the owner, be it healthwise or wealth wise. 

It is very normal for fishes to die being livestock, and we have encountered the deaths of our many favourite fishes. One must not mourn over it more, as it is considered to take away your bad omens along with it. It also gives you a chance to begin again with a different aquarium setup and different fishes. It is important to consult an aquarium expert and do a good amount of research before investing in habitat for these pets. You need to set a budget, decide where you want to keep your tank, your fishes you want to add, the kind of setup you require and know the maintenance procedure. Trust us, keeping a Fishtank will be a life-changing experience for you, and beware, it is addictive in nature.

Hussain Jariwala, Owner and Founder, Hooked On Fishes, Pune, India

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