How to manage plastic waste?

by Team Conscious Carma

Plastic is an emerging problem in the modern world though there are several merits and demerits to it, I would like to put light on how we can manage waste to reduce carbon emission.   

Plastic is a man made non biodegradable product which breaks down into micro polymers or micro plastics making it harmful towards the environment on a long term basis. Plastic can be easily reformed into other possibilities hence it can be easier to manage it without much hassle. There are infinite methods to reuse plastic again and again until it can be recycled, millions of plastics in different shapes and forms are left in landfills either tossed onto the street or burnt into carbon fumes.

Plastic can be reused or upcycled creatively for household, gardening, toiletry and utility purposes. Many global countries are using alternatives from plastic waste in order to manage it effectively since it is easier. Plastic is durable, cheap & reprocessed easily hence making them reusable for required purposes. 

In today’s generation plastic can be found everywhere right from product development to packaging as well shipping goods. This states that the amount of plastic that has been used and will be used is enormous, Accordingly we need to be conscious of our consumption pattern. Since the 1950s, around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide.

Yes, it can be difficult to stop the demand but if we become wise in saying no to single use plastic we can reach a level of neutrality in the next decade. 

Circular economy is the brightest solution for plastic waste management as it follows a strategic pattern due to which it can cause less carbon emission and also less waste generation, Several countries in Europe have adapted to this technique and have become zero waste nations which is a remarkable achievement. 

India as a country has shown a sense of responsibility during the pandemic and also experienced environmental change due to less movement and limited consumptions. If we follow the same approach this world will become a better place within no time. 

Parthsarthi Singh, Founder, HOPE : Healing Our Planet Earth

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