S.O.R.T. (Segregation of Organic Waste for Recycling and Treatment)

by Team Conscious Carma

Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA), a Delhi based has launched a project “S.O.R.T.” (Segregation of Organic-Waste for Recycling and Treatment) supported by Swarn Lata Motherson Trust in Delhi NCR. In this project, waste is being minimized by source segregation and composting through a Sustainable Approach to Solid Waste Management.

The project is being conceptualized with the aim of maximizing the utilization of resources and reducing the waste, which would indirectly result in less air, water and soil pollution, reducing pressure on landfill sites and reducing cost on transportation. The principal objective of the project is to motivate community participation in qualitative segregation of waste to increase the recycling rate of waste material and enable the operation of Aerobin for composting of organic household waste. SORT has already been implemented in a few residential societies and colonies in Noida & Delhi and is aiming to implement a decentralised solid waste management system in more residential colonies, educational institutions and corporate office.  

“Under project SORT, IPCA is reaching to stakeholders including residents, maids, children and waste collectors and educating them on source segregation of waste. IPCA is also installing composters bin at the project locations, already installed more than 100 composter bins to date (each with 400 ltr capacity). The composter bins are very innovative with respect to their design and can convert organic waste into compost within 40 days without any chemical and electricity. These bins do not release any foul smell also. Residents are very excited with this project as they have now adopted source segregation practices and have received 100% solution to their waste and using end product of their waste I.e. compost in developing vegetable garden within their residential society”, says Ashish Jain, Founder IPCA. 

SORT has brought a remarkable impact on the environment, society and economy. More than 80% of residents of each project location are now segregating waste. Another major outcome of SORT is that organic waste got converted into compost at the project location itself and no wet waste going out from the project location for dumping, waste collectors are getting much clean and less contaminated recyclable waste, thereby reducing the health risk of waste workers and they are now able to sell recyclable waste at a better price. thus, 

At IPCA, we believe in providing sustainable solution and for us, sustainability means when a system runs on its own and does not require external force to run it. Therefore, IPCA has developed a system, in which people got aware and understood the importance of segregation. they also got composter bin in their society and their housekeeping team got training to operate the same. therefore, IPCA has handed over the system to society and they are indeed running it very well. Now IPCA will replicate SORT in another 30 societies of Delhi NCR in the coming financial year.

About IPCA:

Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) is an NGO established in the year 2001 with the support of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.  The organization works in four domains viz., Environmental Education and Awareness, Solid Waste Management, Air Quality Management, Research & Development.

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