Notebook initiates dialogue on awareness, acceptance and inclusion of autism in Education on World Autism Awareness Day

by Team Conscious Carma

Notebook, a mobile-first digital learning product that combines video and text content to deliver best-in-class hosted a discussion on celebrating the difference & overall inclusivity of those on the autism spectrum enabling them to live full, quality lives through awareness and acceptance.

To reach out to the masses, Notebook organized an online panel discussion on the 2nd of April 2021, on the topic ” Inclusivity of individuals on the autism spectrum in the Education system”. Joining Achin Bhattacharyya, Founder and CEO, Notebook on the panel were Vahbiz Mistry, Core Group Member Forum of Autism, Dr. Sujata Noronha, Director, Kidstreat Pediatric Development Centre and Christina Prabhakar Vaz, Parent & Autism Advocate. 

This special webinar was the 87th episode of “Together for Education”- a series of webinars for educators and parents that Notebook has been organizing since April 2020 and has been attended by over 50,000 educators so far. This particular episode was conceptualized with an aim to start conversations around the challenged and opportunities that lie with children on the autism spectrum when it comes to learning and education. 

Sharing his views on the same, Achin Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO, Notebook, said, “We believe the knowledge gap can be bridged with open discussions and dialogue.  Having served over 2 Million students now, Notebook has emerged as a leader in the digital education system. Besides growing as a business, we consider it a responsibility to create a positive social impact. Given the phenomenal success of the Together for Education webinar series, we believe it can be a springboard towards the inclusion of differently-abled children into our school education system.”

About Notebook:

Notebook is India’s first after-school learning app. Engaging audio-visual content is used to deliver lessons tailored to the school curriculum. Teachers have access to these videos in the classroom, using the content to introduce topics, build interest, and help students to better visualize concepts. At home, students access the same videos from their personal connected devices – smartphones, laptops, desktops and internet-enabled televisions – to revise topics, prepare for examinations and benefit from the freedom that on-demand lessons afford them. Started in 2018, Notebook has now catered to over 20 lakh students across India and abroad. More than 10,000 videos cover topics from classes I to XII of the CBSE board, alongside vernacular-aided lessons for U.P. Board and W.B. Board. Over 250 professionals, experienced educators and creative artists work round the clock to ensure that curricular content is delivered to the students in the most engaging possible way. At the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown, Notebook offered its content to all students free of charge, enabling schools to conduct online classes using Notebook videos. This has led to deep and meaningful engagement with schools, and empowered teachers to cope with the lockdown better. Notebook also conducts regular online training sessions for teachers to help them manage online classes with greater ease. Powered by Notebook videos, Ramakrishna Mission Schools in Gwalior, M.P. became India’s first school to announce a completely online academic session to ensure safety of their students.

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