United Colors of Benetton launches global sustainability project GreenB

by Team Conscious Carma

The Benetton Group launched GreenB, a project that brings together all the sustainability initiatives of the company’s brands. From the idea and manufacture of a product to the supply chain, from energy efficiency to attention to the needs of communities; this well-rounded vision formalizes the commitment to the environment and people that constitute one of the company’s constant values. shopping from your own closet and stylishly reusing your existing clothes.

On this occasion, Benetton curated a panel in India. Hosted by Susan Bhaktul- Chief Executive Officer of Industree Foundation, the panel saw interesting conversations with panelists Mira Rajput Kapoor – influencer and style icon along with philanthropist & social activist – Chinu Kwatra and luxury fashion influencer – Masoom Minawala. Each panelist shared how they practice sustainability from their point of view. 

Over the coming years, Benetton Group will distribute more sustainable products, create a supply chain that is ever more respectful of the environment and workers’ rights, and increase the efficiency of its headquarters and stores in terms of energy use and waste management, following the example set by the new store inaugurated in Florence at the beginning of March 2021.

All these initiatives have a flag and a symbol – GreenB, representing the sustainable identity of Benetton Group and its people.

“GreenB unites Benetton’s different souls. Green is the colour of the logo that has made the brand famous all over the world. B is the initial of the last name of the brand’s founders and also refers to the verb ‘to be’ – because to be sustainable is part of our essence – as well as the bee, a small, industrious and collaborative insect, without which the entire ecosystem would be in crisis,” explains Massimo Renon, CEO of Benetton Group. “From today, GreenB is the ambassador of Benetton’s innately green soul, the symbol of everything that for us is sustainable.”

Ramprasad Sridharan, CEO and MD of Benetton India says, “Through the GreenB initiative, we continue to promote a collective spirit of positive development and progress, particularly in the areas of sustainable living and green practices. As a brand, we continue our commitment to be more responsible about the decisions we make and how they impact the future, of not just our industry but our planet.”

The bee is also the project’s logo; a graphic reinterpretation of Benetton’s iconic knit stitch, it symbolizes the contribution of each individual within an organically expanding hive, an accurate representation of the commitment of the company and its people to sustainability.

The GreenB project will take on various interpretations as it is used for all Benetton Group touchpoints. Customers will find this symbol in stores, on the digital platforms and on the tags of the garments that reflect the values embodied by the GreenB project. It will also feature in the Integrated Report, the publication in which the company illustrates how strategy, governance and performance make it possible to create value in the short, medium and long term, while respecting the environment and people.

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