“Second Meals” by Celebrity Chef Davinder Kumar

by Team Conscious Carma

A coffee table book on meals by food scrap

The Coffee Table Book “Second Meals ” which is prepared by the food scrap is authored by Celebrity Chef Davinder Kumar & has been published by Shubhi publication was unveiled at Le Meridien, New Delhi recently.

The hidden ingredient of this book are the food scrap, yes you heard me right, food scraps. The book depicts the art of Cooking through food scraps in a unique way and style. It will definitely encourage cooking and eating every single part of vegetables and fruits.

Chef Davinder Kumar said ‘The art of Cooking with food scraps is a way and style that encourages cooking and eating every part of vegetables and fruits. It is the key to maximizing nutrition and minimizing food wastage. The recipes in the Second Meals promote mindful thinking besides being environmentally friendly and provide innovative options to use food scraps’

Sanjay Arya Founder Shubhi Publication said ‘Saving Natural Resources will help to sustain life for many more years as destroying them will create doom for mankind’. This book is an effort to save the environment by using food scraps which otherwise being burnt pollute the environment and this book will also help in solving the food problem for the developing countries like us and others with nutritive values.

About the Author

Chef Davinder Kumar’s experience goes way beyond words. He is not only well known for his great culinary passion, he is also an adventurous food connoisseur, who has travelled around extensively and regularly seeks the opportunity to explore the different kinds of cuisines while developing his gourmet knowledge.  An aficionado in the fine art of cooking to the gourmet’s delight, Davinder Kumar has been in this profession for more than five decades. He was the sole Indian representative in the International Cooking Festival held in Tokyo, Japan, in 1983 and was awarded a medal for his presentation of Indian cuisine.  Presently Chef Kumar is Vice President – F&B (Production) at Le Meridien, New Delhi and he is the President of Indian Culinary Forum, India

About the Book

The book includes delicious ways to maximize nutrition and minimize food wastage which results in a reduction in food wastage besides being environmentally friendly.  All the recipes in this book have been written in a manner that makes them easy to follow. Each recipe has been tried out personally to ensure that it is accurate and perfect. To make preparation simple/easy, the ingredients in this book have been listed in the order in which they are to be used.

About Shubhi Publications

A firm believer in quality, Shubhi brings to you the best books on Indian Heritage, Art, Architecture, Culture, Religion, and Philosophy. After a decade of excellence in providing offset printing for leading publishers, Shubhi itself ventured into publishing scholarly reference books in 1998.  With more than 1000 titles and the release of about 50 books in a year, Shubhi has become a name associated with the publishing academic and scholarly books of high quality and has produced several outstanding publications written by renowned authors in recent years. they encourage budding authors to publish their books also entertain scholarly and research-oriented works for publishing.

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