Saluting the awakened soul: Jitender Singh ‘Shunty’, Founder Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal

by Team Conscious Carma
Jitender Singh ‘Shunty’, Founder Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal

Former MLA from Shahdara, Delhi, Jitender Singh ‘Shunty’ has been running free ambulance service and cremating bodies for over two decades. During the pandemic he and his team picked up bodies from homes and hospitals free of cost and performed their last rites, giving a respectful adieu of hundreds of them daily. He made a makeshift office outside the Seemapuri crematorium. During the Covid peak, they would start as early as 6 am in the morning and worked till 11 pm at night. 

Shunty and his family contracted the virus last year but that didn’t deter them from performing their noble deed.  Also, he lost one of his colleagues, Arif Khan, to covid who took hundreds of Covid patients to hospital and many dead bodies for cremation. 

Around 25 years ago, Shunty saw a man who was collecting burnt wood at Nigambodh crematorium and thought he was a thief. It was later, he found that he did not have money to buy wood to cremate his son. This incident propelled Shunty to move out of his business of sale and purchase of cars to help in the transport of bodies from hospitals to crematoriums. Since then he has been selflessly helping the poor and needy in organizing the last rites of their loved ones.  

Singh was awarded Padma Shri for Social work this year. 

Shunty is also known as “Donor Singh”, being the first Sikh in the world to donate blood 100 times.

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