Genius Consultants undertakes many transformative initiatives to raise positive impact amongst underprivileged children and their communities

by Team Conscious Carma

~ Encourages children to continue their studies in these testing times~

Genius Consultants has always been on the forefront to support underprivileged communities through its various initiatives. To further strengthen its commitment, Genius Foundation, the CSR arm of Genius Consultations Ltd. has pledged to lend its support to educate underprivileged children in association with its partner NGOs. The project aims to touch lives of multiple children and empower them to be agents of change in their communities.

Genius Consultants with its constant endeavours has been working very closely with its partner NGOs to support homeless children, orphans and kids engaged in labour to receive formal education and are enrolled in schools. In its half-a-decade long relationship, the company through its various initiatives has bought a transformative change not only in the lives of these children but also their communities. The project has impacted lives of around 3000 such children and looking forward to strengthens it further.

The CSR team has further analysed the causes with help of their partners to streamline the causes of children dropping out of school. They have been working collectively to ensure that children continue attending school. During the testing times of COVID-19, to ensure that children continue receiving their education, timely online sessions were held. Along with that, a mobile library carrying story books for children would reach the doorstep of every child in order to make sure that children continue reading to maintain their psycho-social wellbeing. With children’s exposure to the internet and usage increase, mentoring sessions and awareness programmes were also held to inform them about the risks of the online space and how to use it safely.

The project also works closely with the parents through engaging sessions to encourage their children to continue their education. As observed in most cases, parents were found to be the underlying reason for kids to drop out of school. With reasons ranging from gender discrimination, financial crunches, lack of awareness about schemes, orthodox mindsets, etc.

Genius Consultants initiative

Additionally, Genius Consultants has also helped these kids develop life skills which help them concentrate on education, instil discipline, control their emotions, and make them confident to deal with their life situations through enhanced critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and inter-personal communication skills. Among of their many initiatives undertaken in the project to bridge the gender disparity in these communities is by organizing events that encourage women to play outdoor activities such as Kabaddi, Badminton, etc.

Commenting on these initiatives, RP Yadav, CMD, Genius Consultants Ltd. said “It has been our constant endeavour at Genius Consultants to support underprivileged children to avail better education. We truly believe that no child should be deprived of their basic right to precure education. We hope to continually support these children and build a better future for the country.”

Case Study

The endeavour by Genius Foundations along with its partner organisation has also helped them take a step towards a better future. One such individual that the project has greatly helped has been Bharati (16) (name changed) of Dum Dum, West Bengal. She eloped and married her brother’s friend a year ago with the pretext that this would be the solution to all her family problems. However, that was not the case, and she became a victim of torture and abuse. With no options left, she returned home to her parents. But Bharti did not give up, with her unwavering spirit she attended the adolescent group sessions organised by Genius Foundation along with its partners. Today, she has passed her board exams and aspires to be a teacher.

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